Hostage Tape Alternatives: Are Their Better Mouth Tapes?

There’s a lot of hype around Hostage Tape… But is it the best mouth tape on the market for better sleep?


It’s praised for its strong adhesive and effectiveness in promoting nasal breathing, enhancing sleep quality, and potentially reducing snoring. 


Yet, you might be looking for mouth tape alternatives that offer similar benefits without the commonly reported drawbacks of Hostage Tape, such as skin irritation, environmental concerns, and a less appealing aesthetic.


The quest for the perfect mouth tape goes beyond just improving nighttime breathing - it's about finding a product that is comfortable and also aligns with your personal needs and values. 


In this article, we’ll explore the best alternatives to Hostage Tape from every angle. Let’s dive in!



What Are the Best Hostage Tape Alternatives?


Several great alternatives to Hostage Mouth Tape are available, each offering unique advantages. 


From materials that are kind to sensitive skin, to eco-friendly options, here are the top contenders that stand out in the mouth taping market today:


  • Dream Recovery Mouth Tape
  • SomniFix Mouth Strips
  • Myotape
  • Better Mouth Tape
  • 3M Nexcare Tape

#1 Alternative: Dream Recovery Mouth Tape


Dream Recovery Mouth Tape embodies the advantages of Hostage Tape, like strength and durability, but without the drawbacks.


Crafted from organic bamboo silk, coupled with a robust yet gentle hypoallergenic adhesive, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape offers an exceptionally soft and luxurious mouth taping experience.


Like Hostage Tape, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape remains secure throughout the night but is kind to sensitive skin and doesn’t leave irritation or residue.


Organic bamboo silk not only feels wonderful against the skin but is also breathable, naturally antibacterial, and eco-friendly.


Dream Recovery Mouth Tape also stands out as the superior alternative thanks to the choice of 4 beautiful colors: cloud, hot pink, sky, and fog, to help you personalize your unique mouth taping journey.




Experience the incredible benefits of Dream Recovery Mouth Tape.



#2 Alternative: SomniFix


SomniFix mouth strips are made with a gentle, hypoallergenic adhesive that is safe for sensitive skin and, therefore, is unlikely to cause redness and irritation, as seen by some Hostage Tape users.


SomniFix mouth strips also feature a small mesh vent, which makes them a good alternative to Hostage Tape for those who are just beginning their mouth taping journey and might be feeling a bit anxious about the idea of having their lips completely sealed.


somnifix alternatives



However, the adhesive on SomniFix mouth tape might not be strong enough to stick to facial hair, and the vent means it might not completely stop mouth breathing. 


If this is a concern for you, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape is the best alternative since it’s made with hypoallergenic adhesive that is strong enough to stay on all night but still incredibly gentle on the skin.


You can also read our full Somnifix Review <-- Here

#3 Alternative: Myotape


Myotape features a unique design that doesn’t cover the lips but rather surrounds them and brings them together with elastic tension. 


Your mouth can still be opened when using Myotape, meaning you can still talk and drink water if needed. While this is convenient for sure, it also means that you may still open your mouth while you sleep, negating the benefits of nasal breathing.


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Myotape is a good alternative if you would like to use mouth taping during the day as a reminder to breathe through your nose or if you struggle with claustrophobia when using mouth tape for sleep.


Because of Myotape’s design, it is also safe to help support nasal breathing in children and comes in kid's size options.


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#4 Alternative: Better Mouth Tape


Unlike Hostage Tape, Better Mouth Tape doesn’t cover the entirety of the mouth but is shaped like a sideways H, taping the lips shut without completely covering them, which some individuals might prefer.


Better Mouth Tape is also made from biodegradable materials, making it an eco-friendly alternative to Hostage Tape for those who like to shop with their environmental footprint in mind.


If you want to take sustainability one step further, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape is made from organic bamboo, one of nature's fastest-growing, self-regenerating plants that also feels silky smooth against your skin.


#5 Alternative: 3M Nexcare Medical Tape


3M Nexcare tape was originally designed for wound care and medical applications but has recently become a commonly used mouth tape alternative. 


Its hypoallergenic, breathable properties make it a good choice for sensitive skin to minimize any irritation that might come from prolonged wear. 


It’s important to note that unlike other tapes specifically designed for mouth taping, it lacks the pre-cut strips that streamline the application and requires measuring and cutting before use.


This factor makes it slightly cheaper than Hostage Tape, but the additional steps add complexity and time, so it’s up to you if that’s worth the money saved.


Conversely, specialized tape like Dream Recovery Mouth Tape is designed specifically for immediate use with sleep wellness in mind, offering convenience without sacrificing efficacy. 


The Final Word: What is the Best Hostage Tape Alternative?


When exploring the alternatives to Hostage Tape, many options are available, each addressing specific needs. 


SomniFix offers a vent for beginners, Myotape's design promotes nasal breathing without covering the lips, ideal for daytime use, and Better Mouth Tape’s eco-friendly design appeals to the eco-warriors out there.


Despite the competition, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape comes out as the top alternative to Hostage Tape.


It distinguishes itself through its thoughtful design and material choice, offering a gentle, skin-friendly, hypoallergenic adhesive with the comfort of breathable organic bamboo silk.


While the other alternatives partially address certain issues, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape integrates all of these considerations into one holistic solution. 


Its use of bamboo not only highlights a commitment to sustainability but also ensures a comfortable, luxurious mouth taping experience for those looking to transition to nasal breathing without compromise and enhance their sleep quality on a deep level.


Try Dream Recovery Mouth Tape Today!




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