Best Mouth Tape For Sleeping: 6 Top Choices

Using mouth tape at night can transform your sleep quality, reduce snoring, and improve your overall well-being, but you might be feeling uncertain about how to choose the right one.


This article reviews the six top mouth tapes on the market today taking into account unique features like design, comfort, efficacy, and convenience, so you can make the best choice on your sleep wellness journey and find your perfect mouth tape match.


Best Overall Mouth Tape For Improved Sleep: Dream Recovery


Dream Recovery Mouth Tape is crafted from organic bamboo silk, coupled with a robust yet gentle hypoallergenic adhesive, offering an exceptionally soft and luxurious mouth taping experience compared to other brands on the market.


Not only does organic bamboo silk feel amazing but is also breathable, antibacterial, and eco-friendly, which is important to consider since mouth tape is a single-use product.


Unlike other mouth tapes, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape is strong enough to remain secure throughout the night but is also kind to sensitive skin without leaving irritation or residue.


Dream Recovery Mouth Tape also offers different choices in design based on your unique preferences. It comes in both strips, which are placed vertically over the center part of the lips, or a full tape design that covers the whole mouth in a choice of 4 beautiful colors: cloud, hot pink, sky, and fog. 


This means that, unlike other brands, Dream Recovery empowers you to personalize your mouth taping journey.




Try Dream Recovery Mouth Tape today.



Hostage Mouth Tape


Hostage Mouth Tape is made with a strong adhesive guaranteed to stay on throughout the night, promoting undisrupted nasal breathing. 


The durability of the adhesive also means that hostage tape is a good choice for those with beards or other types of facial hair. 


Hostage Tape claims that the breathability of their material allows for some air exchange and prevents moisture buildup, which could reduce the risk of discomfort around the mouth area.


However, some Hostage Tape users claim that after a night of mouth taping they experienced redness and irritation, as well as a sticky residue left around the mouth area. Not only is this inconvenient, but might indicate that some people are sensitive to the adhesive.


If you have sensitive skin but still want a mouth tape that stays on all night without the need for replacement or readjustment, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape's hypoallergenic yet durable materials make it the better choice. 


Read more in our in-depth article about Hostage Tape alternatives.




SomniFix mouth strips feature a gentle, hypoallergenic adhesive that is safe for sensitive skin and is unlikely to cause irritation, as seen by some other mouth tape brands.


The design of SomniFix mouth strips also features a small mesh vent, which makes them a good choice for those who are at the beginning of their mouth taping journey and are feeling anxious about having their lips sealed completely.


However, the very gentle nature of the adhesive on SomniFix mouth tape means that it might not be strong enough to stick to facial hair, and the central vent means it might not completely stop mouth breathing. 


If these factors concern you, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape is the best alternative since it’s made with a hypoallergenic adhesive that is strong enough to stay on all night but still incredibly gentle on the skin. 


Read our more in-depth review of SomniFix.




Myotape has a distinctive design that doesn't cover the lips but instead encircles them, creating a gentle elastic tension that brings them together.


While wearing Myotape, you can still open your mouth, allowing you to speak and drink water as needed. However, this convenience might also lead to unintentional mouth opening during sleep, potentially undermining the benefits of breathing through the nose.


Myotape is a good choice however if you're seeking to encourage nasal breathing during the day or if you find traditional mouth tape claustrophobic for nighttime use.


Thanks to its design, Myotape is also safe for children, offering sizes specifically tailored for younger users.


If you're concerned about claustrophobia while mouth taping but still want to properly prevent mouth breathing, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape comes in a strip design option that doesn’t completely cover the lips for those who might be feeling anxious about mouth taping. 

3M Nexcare Mouth Tape


3M Nexcare tape was originally developed for wound care and other medical uses but has also recently become a popular alternative for mouth taping. Its hypoallergenic and breathable qualities make it suitable for those with sensitive skin, reducing the likelihood of irritation from extended use.


However, it's worth noting that unlike tapes specifically made for mouth taping, 3M tape doesn't come with pre-cut strips, meaning it requires some measuring and cutting before you apply it.


This makes it a bit cheaper than some other mouth tapes but the extra steps involved can complicate and prolong the process. 


In contrast, tapes like Dream Recovery Mouth Tape are specifically designed for immediate use with a focus on sleep wellness, providing convenience without compromising effectiveness.

Dryft Sleep


Dryft Sleep Mouth Tape is crafted with a gentle adhesive, making it suitable for sensitive skin and minimizing discomfort upon removal. Its central vent allows for limited mouth breathing, which can be reassuring for users not accustomed to only nasal breathing all night.


However, there are a few notable drawbacks with Dryft Sleep tape. Importantly, users with larger lips have reported that the tape size is too small, making it unsuitable for their use. 


Additionally, the inclusion of the central vent might not fully prevent mouth breathing, which could reduce its effectiveness for those looking to get the full benefits of nasal breathing during sleep. 


If you’re unsure if Dryft Sleep mouth tape will fit your lips, it’s better to choose a mouth tape that is guaranteed to fit all mouth shapes and sizes like Dream Recovery.


How To Choose the Best Mouth Tape For Sleep Improvement?


When choosing the best mouth tape for sleep improvement there are a few factors that you might want to consider, such as:


Material and Adhesive Quality


Look for hypoallergenic materials like organic bamboo silk and specialized adhesives like those used in Dream Recovery Mouth Tape, which are gentle on the skin and offer a luxurious feel. 


A strong yet skin-friendly adhesive is crucial to ensure the tape stays in place all night without causing irritation or stuck residue that might disrupt your morning routine.


Design and Comfort


Some mouth tapes come in strips, full-mouth designs, or have a central vent to allow some mouth breathing to take place, providing options depending on your specific needs. 


New mouth tapers might be more comfortable with mouth tapes that don’t fully cover the lips to reduce feelings of claustrophobia, while those who are comfortable with mouth tape might prefer designs that completely cover the lips for better results.


Size and Shape


It’s essential to consider the size of the tape, especially if you have larger lips. Brands like Somnifix and Dryft Sleep might not fit everyone, whereas Dream Recovery Mouth Tape is one size fits all.


Environmental Impact


Since mouth tapes are single-use products, it's important to consider their environmental footprint. Opting for mouth tapes made from sustainable materials, such as the organic bamboo silk used in Dream Recovery Mouth Tape, can be a more eco-friendly choice. These materials are not only biodegradable but also sourced in a way that minimizes environmental harm.


Benefits of Mouth Taping


Improved Sleep Quality


Mouth taping boosts sleep quality by promoting nasal breathing, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system, leading to relaxation and a slower heart rate. This change facilitates deep, restorative sleep. (1)


Reduced Snoring


Clinical studies show that mouth tape can significantly reduce snoring by improving nasal airflow, maintaining ideal humidity and temperature in the airways, and minimizing throat vibrations. (2)


Reduced Throat Pain Upon Waking


Since mouth breathing can cause dryness and inflammation within the tissues of your throat, mouth taping can help prevent throat pain upon waking by encouraging healthy nasal breathing.


We also have a guide about why you might be waking up with a sore throat.


Improved Oral Health


Mouth taping can boost oral health by promoting nasal breathing, maintaining moisture in your mouth, and stimulating saliva production. This helps neutralize harmful acids, wash away food particles, and reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, as mouth breathing tends to dry out the oral cavity and disrupt the delicate balance of the oral microbiome. (3) (4)




What is Mouth Taping?


Mouth taping is the practice of sealing your lips shut to prevent mouth breathing and promote healthier nasal breathing for deeper sleep and better overall health.


Does Mouth Taping Work?


Yes, mouth taping works by promoting nasal breathing, which helps to promote better sleep, reduce snoring, improve oral and cardiovascular health, and reduce some of the negative side effects of sleep apnea.


How Long Does it Take For Mouth Taping Work?


Mouth taping starts to work right away, and many users notice improvements in sleep quality and reduced snoring within a few nights of consistent use. However, the full benefits, especially for oral health, might take a little longer.


Does Mouth Taping Help With Snoring?


Yes, mouth taping helps with snoring by encouraging nasal breathing, which improves airflow and minimizes throat vibrations that lead to snoring.




Choosing the right mouth tape for sleep is all about balancing comfort, effectiveness, and sustainability. Dream Recovery Mouth Tape stands out as the frontrunner, thanks to its luxurious, eco-friendly bamboo silk, clever design, and skin-friendly adhesive. 


Other notable options include Hostage Mouth Tape, known for its strong adhesive that’s great for those with facial hair, and SomniFix, with its gentle hypoallergenic adhesive and beginner-friendly vented strips. Myotape offers a unique approach for daytime use and for those who prefer less restriction, while 3M Nexcare provides a budget-friendly alternative.



Experience the incredible benefits of Dream Recovery Mouth Tape.





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