SomniFix Reviews: Do These Mouth Strips Help You Sleep?

Are you feeling confused about where to begin on your mouth taping journey? SomniFix mouth strips are a popular choice for those new to mouth taping, but are they right for you? 


Choosing a high-quality product is essential if you want to receive all of the benefits of mouth taping, such as deeper sleep and relaxation, reduced snoring, improved oral health, fix your mouth breathing and even better cardiovascular wellness. (1) (2) (3) (4)


To help you make the best decision, we’ll be navigating through all the pros and cons that SomniFix mouth strips have to offer.



Somnifix Review - The Quick Verdict

Here’s a lightning round of the pros and cons you can expect from SomniFix mouth strips before we go into more detail further in our article:



  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • A central breathing vent can make new mouth tapers more comfortable



  • Weak adhesive means they can fall off or won’t stick to facial hair
  • Might not fully prevent mouth breathing
  • They don’t fit everyone

Overall, SomniFix mouth strips have a gentle adhesive that users with sensitive skin love, but in some cases, this means they might not stay on well, negating the benefits of mouth taping.


Their unique design features a small vent, which can help ease beginners into mouth taping but might not fit everyone’s lips.


On the other hand, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape is one-size-fits-all and is crafted with hypoallergenic adhesive and organic bamboo silk that is not only gentle on skin but strong enough to stay on all night without the need for any adjustments.




Try Dream Recovery Mouth Tape today.


Do SomniFix Mouth Strips Work?


If fitted correctly, SomniFix mouth strips work to promote nasal breathing to improve sleep quality, snoring, and oral health while boosting overall well-being. 


Many users report that SomniFix mouth strips have helped them reduce mouth breathing while sleeping, and, in turn, they have experienced a variety of benefits, like relief from snoring.


However, this is only when the mouth strips stay on, as some reviews highlight that they might loosen or fall off during the night.


The inclusion of a mesh vent on each strip could also reduce their effectiveness in certain cases, as it can allow some mouth breathing to occur.


Who is SomniFix Mouth Tape For?


SomniFix mouth tape is for individuals looking to transition over from mouth breathing to nasal breathing while sleeping.


You could benefit from using mouth tape if you struggle with snoring, fatigue, waking up with a dry mouth/bad breath, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, disrupted sleep cycles, and chronic stress. 


Because of the mesh vent in SomniFix mouth strips, they are particularly useful for those who are just beginning their mouth taping journey and feel anxious about the new practice - or those who have tried other mouth tapes before and struggle with claustrophobia. 


Having an opening in your mouth tape could make overcoming the initial mental barrier easier when starting a mouth taping practice.


Is SomniFix a Legit Brand?


Yes, SomniFix is a legit brand known for its innovative mouth tape strips that aim to improve sleep quality and overall health by promoting nasal breathing. 


However, the brand has recently faced criticism due to reports of taking payments without shipping products, coupled with complaints about poor customer service and a lack of communication. 


Unfortunately, these concerns have downgraded their reputation, with some customers expressing frustration over missing orders and insufficient support. 


Despite these challenges, SomniFix is still considered to produce a high-quality mouth tape that is available at multiple trusted outlets, both in stores and online.


SomniFix: The Good Parts


  • They’re hypoallergenic 

SomniFix mouth strips are made using a gentle, hypoallergenic adhesive that is gluten and latex-free.


Choosing a hypoallergenic mouth tape is essential if you have sensitive skin since the delicate skin around the mouth area will be in contact with the adhesive for long periods during the night.


So, if you want to avoid any redness, irritation, or residue, SomniFix mouth strips shine positively in this area. 


  • The breathing vent may be helpful for mouth taping beginners

The idea of mouth taping can feel a little intimidating and anxiety-provoking for beginners, and if that’s you, it might be comforting to use a mouth tape that doesn’t completely seal your lips.


SomniFix has created a unique mouth tape with a small mesh vent placed where your lips meet, allowing for some mouth breathing if necessary. 


This design makes SomniFix mouth strips a good option for individuals who are new to mouth taping, as allowing a small amount of airflow through the mouth can help mitigate any initial anxiety around completely sealing the lips during the night. 


  • They’re made from recyclable materials

Since mouth tape strips are single-use only and disposed of daily, they should be made with sustainable materials that don’t cause unnecessary waste or environmental pollution.


SomniFix mouth strips are made from eco-friendly and recyclable materials, making them a great choice for anyone who likes to shop with their environmental footprint in mind. 

The Not-So-Good Stuff About SomniFix

  • Weak adhesive


Unfortunately, SomniFix’s gentle adhesive might be a little too gentle. 


According to customer reviews, some users have reported that SomniFix mouth strips are not strong enough to stay on throughout the night, negating the benefits of mouth tape.


Other complaints mention that SomniFix mouth strips don’t stick well to facial hair, can’t be used with lip balm on, and lose their stickiness quickly if you try to adjust the tape’s position.


If you factor in the potential for wasted tape from these adhesion issues, this also means that SomniFix might be less cost-effective than some other mouth tapes on the market.


To help with this concern, SomniFix suggests that users wash their mouth area well before application to remove excess oil from the skin.


  • Mouth breathing can still happen

While the mesh vent in SomniFix mouth strips is intended for comfort/safety and can definitely be a positive for some users (particularly mouth tape beginners), it might also be a negative feature since it allows airflow through the mouth.


For example, some users report still waking up with a dry mouth/throat when using SomniFix mouth strips or experiencing air flowing out their mouth when using them alongside a CPAP machine for sleep apnea.


  • They might not fit everyone

Unlike some other mouth tape brands, SomniFix mouth strips are not necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution due to their specific “lip-like” shape and the inclusion of a central vent. 


The shape of the strip might not accommodate the vast diversity of lip and mouth sizes and shapes, as some customer reviews bring to light.


To solve this pitfall, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape has a comfortable universal fit that works for all lip shapes/sizes and stays on all night long.



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SomniFix Reviews Summary








Thanks to hypoallergenic adhesive and breathable material, SomniFix mouth strips are comfortable and shouldn’t leave irritation or residue. The central vent may also improve the comfort level for beginners. However, because of the design, they might not fit everyone. 



Unfortunately, some users report that SomniFix mouth strips lose their adhesion quickly and do not stay on all night, or stick to facial hair.



Many customers enjoy their experience with SomniFix and notice the benefits of mouth taping. However, some customers report that they can’t get the tape to stay on, reducing the product's effectiveness.

Customer Experience


SomniFix really takes a hit in this area. Reviews frequently state issues around missing shipments, bad customer service, and a lack of communication/support.



SomniFix mouth strips are similarly priced compared to other premium brand mouth tapes on the market. However, some strips might be wasted due to poor adhesion, making them less cost-effective.



Alternative To SomniFix


If you’re seeking the best mouth tape solutions and a more effective alternative to SomniFix, look no further than Dream Recovery Mouth Tape.


Here’s why:


Dream Recovery Mouth Tape is hypoallergenic and gentle on your skin without compromising on adhesion and durability. 


This means that unlike SomniFix, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape is guaranteed to stay on all night and stick to facial hair while leaving no traces of irritation.


Not only does it more effectively prevent mouth breathing, but Dream Recovery Mouth Tape also stands out thanks to the use of organic bamboo silk, which is incredibly comfortable, luxuriously soft, breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, and environmentally friendly.



Conclusion: Should You Buy Somnifix?


When it comes to selecting a mouth tape, SomniFix mouth strips come with their pros and cons. 


On the upside, the tape design might be more suitable for those who feel anxious about sealing their lips shut. The use of hypoallergenic adhesive is also great for anyone with sensitive skin.


On the downside, some customers report that the adhesive on SomniFix mouth strips is too weak to stay on throughout the night and doesn’t stick to facial hair, which can drastically reduce the effectiveness of mouth taping.


Dream Recovery Mouth Tape offers the same hypoallergenic benefits for sensitive skin without compromising on adhesion, better promoting nasal breathing throughout the entire night and ensuring no piece of mouth tape ever goes to waste.


Experience the incredible benefits of Dream Recovery Mouth Tape for yourself.






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