The Mission


Backed By Science


Built for YOU


Dream BIG

We founded Dream Recovery with a mission to craft the highest quality recovery products that are grounded in science & research. Our customers are the hardest working people in the world, and want you to wake up feeling energised and prepared to conquer your biggest dreams.

The Process


Collect & Review


Collect & Test The Highest Graded
Materials on Earth


Tweak & Design
With Our Team
Of Experts

Every single product our team creates is thoroughly tested, tweaked, and mastered by a network of 30+ individuals with backgrounds in engineering, design, manufacturing, athletic recovery, economics, and professional sports. Each and every product we release is strenuously tested to ensure we deliver the highest quality materials, manufacturing, and experience possible.

The Dream


Share our Products with the world

Testing and measuring the impact of various scientifically backed recovery and sleep tools that are popular in today’s world is a 24/7 obsession for our team. For 2 years, prior to our launch, the goal was simple: Figure out what recovery tools and techniques make an actual scientific impact, document the findings, rigorously test those findings & share them with the world.

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