Best Chewing Gum for Jawline Definition: Our Top Picks & Alternative Solutions

Ever wondered whether chewing gum can help define your jaw muscles? It certainly can, but there are a few things you need to know before you start. 


We're going to cover everything you need to know, including the best gum for defining your jawline, as well as some potentially more effective solutions. Let's get to it.


Does Chewing Gum Define the Jawline Muscles?


The short answer is yes! If used correctly, chewing gum can help define your jaw muscles.


Many people are surprised to hear that the simple, everyday activity of chewing gum can be used as an effective tool to help define your jawline. 


Here’s how it works: when we chew gum, we're constantly engaging and working out the muscles in our jaw, specifically the masseter muscle, one of the main muscles used during the chewing process. 


The repetitive motion of chewing can help to build muscle in this area, which over time can lead to greater masseter strength and a sharper, more defined jawline. (1)


Similarly to how lifting weights can help build muscle in your arms and legs, regular gum chewing is like resistance training for your jaw, boosting the growth and definition of your jawline muscles.


The extent of the results seen from chewing gum may vary from person to person depending on how long they chew gum for each day, genetic factors, and nutrient intake. 


However, moderation is key, since excessive chewing may lead to painful Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) or digestive and dental concerns. 


A more gentle alternative to jawline gum is using mouth tape while sleeping.


By preventing mouth breathing, mouth tape helps to align your jaw in the correct position which can improve facial aesthetics and jawline definition naturally over time. (2)


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How To Choose the Best Gum For Jawline Definition?


When you’re choosing a chewing gum to enhance your jawline definition, there are several key features that you might want to take into consideration. 


The first thing you’ll want to take into account is texture and consistency. A gum that is specifically designed to increase the size and sharpness of your jaw muscles, will be much harder and firmer than regular gum.


This provides more resistance and therefore works the muscles around your jaw harder for greater results. 


Since you’ll need to chew gum daily to start seeing greater definition, it’s important to take into account your dental health and look for a sugar-free gum. Gums sweetened with xylitol can take it to the next level by supporting oral health.


Other factors that you might want to consider include flavor, ingredient quality, price, and any potential food allergies or sensitivities you might have. 


Types of Gum to Choose From

Mastic Gum


Mastic gum is a great, all-natural choice if you’re looking to enhance your jawline definition.


This natural gum originates from the mastic tree, native to Greece, and has been used for centuries thanks to its benefits for digestive health and its powerful anti-bacterial properties.


Because of its tough, chewy texture, it provides significant chewing resistance for the masseter muscles to define the jaw over time. 


Unlike other conventional chewing gums with additives, mastic gum is free from artificial ingredients, sweeteners, and chemicals, making it a healthier, more holistic option for individuals focusing on both their overall health and aesthetic improvement.




  • Provides high chewing resistance for jaw definition
  • 100% Natural
  • Free from artificial additives and sugar
  • Supports digestive health
  • Fresh, pine-like flavor





  • Some individuals might experience an allergic reaction to mastic
  • The lack of added flavors might make it less enjoyable than other gums
  • Might cause digestive upset like nausea or diarrhea 
  • It’s slightly bitter


Jawliner Gum


Jawliner gum is a new product designed specifically for those looking to enhance their jawline definition through targeted chewing exercise.


With consistent use, Jawliner gum is said to provide the optimal resistance needed to properly engage and strengthen the jaw muscles.


They offer two different types of gum: medium hard and ultra tough. 


This allows you to choose the level of resistance you want since some might prefer an easier or harder chewing experience depending on the results you’re looking for.


Jawliner gum is sweetened with maltitol, meaning it’s sugar-free and free from artificial sweeteners, making it a good choice for those who are health-conscious and want to protect their dental well-being.


It also comes in a variety of interesting flavors such as ginger lime, blueberry, cinnamon honey, and mint. 




  • Different hardness options to choose from
  • Specifically designed for jawline definition
  • Sugar-free
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Many flavors options



  • The flavor runs out quickly
  • Gum hardness may cause jaw pain/tension
  • Maltitol can cause digestive upset
  • Much more expensive than traditional gum


Falim gum


Falim gum is another good option for anyone aiming to enhance their jawline through chewing.


Originating from Turkey, Falim gum has a durable, rubber-like texture that provides a significant workout for the jaw when chewed. 


While Falim gum does come in a variety of flavors, it is unique in the sense that it doesn’t contain any sweeteners at all, which some people might not like.


On the other hand, some individuals might prefer this, especially if they are trying to avoid sweeteners like sugar alcohols (often found in sugar-free gums).


Last but not least, Falim gum is also very affordable compared to other gums for jawline definition.




  • Tough, durable texture helps to build jaw definition
  • Sugar-free
  • Free from sugar alcohols for those looking to avoid them
  • Different flavor options
  • Affordable



  • Completely unsweetened - therefore less tasty than other brands
  • Gum hardness may cause jaw pain
  • Loses flavor quickly
  • Contains artificial preservatives

Jawz Gum


If you’re looking to give your jaw muscles a good workout, Jawz gum is another available option.


Like other jawline gums, it is specifically designed to provide a higher resistance than regular gum to boost muscle growth and toning with regular use. 


Jawz gum contains xylitol, which not only acts as a tasty sugar-free sweetener but also protects dental health and promotes a healthier oral microbiome.


It also comes in two flavor options, including mint and watermelon depending on if you’d prefer something fresh or fruity. 




  • Contains xylitol to promote dental health 
  • Sugar-free
  • Different flavor options
  • Vegan




  • Some users report it loses its hard texture quickly, providing inadequate jaw exercise
  • Xylitol can cause digestive upset in some people
  • Contains artificial sweeteners aspartame and acesulfame-k 


Summary of The Best Gum For Your Jawline


For enhancing jawline definition, Mastic gum is a top choice for its natural composition and health benefits, ideal for a holistic approach. 


On the other hand, Jawliner gum provides targeted jaw exercise with different resistance levels and flavors, perfect for those wanting some customization.


Falim gum provides a durable, affordable option for consistent jaw workouts, and may be appealing to those avoiding sweeteners. 


While Jawz gum contains xylitol for enhanced dental health. 


Each option has its pros and cons, ranging from price, and sweetener preferences to flavor, allowing for a personalized selection based on your individual goals and preferences.


While chewing gum can be a great way to exercise your jaw during the day, if you want to enhance your jaw definition while you sleep each night, mouth tape is the way to go.


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Chewing Gum Vs. Mouth Taping


Chewing gum and mouth taping offer distinct benefits for jawline definition and facial aesthetics. 


Chewing specialized gum strengthens the jaw muscles and enhances definition through consistent resistance and exercise, with the downside of potential jaw pain (and even the development of TMJ), dental issues, and digestive complaints from excessive use. 


On the other hand, mouth taping promotes nasal breathing during sleep, improving oxygen intake and sleep quality, while aiding in proper facial muscle development and jaw alignment. (3)


Combining both can be synergistic: chewing gum by day to tone jaw muscles and mouth taping by night to ensure proper jaw positioning alongside restorative sleep, providing a comprehensive approach to jawline enhancement and overall health.




What is the history of chewing gum?


The history of chewing gum dates back over 5,000 years, starting with the Neolithic people who chewed birch bark tar. Cultures worldwide adopted the practice of using natural resins and tree saps, which led to the development of modern chewing gum in the 19th century using chicle, a natural tree gum from Mexico.


Who will chewing gum work for?


Chewing gum will work for anyone looking to improve their jawline and freshen their breath. However, the effectiveness of chewing gum can vary based on personal health, dental conditions, and the consistency of use.


Can chewing gum help your jawline?


Yes, chewing gum can help improve your jawline if used regularly on a daily basis. Faster results may come from harder textured gums that provide more resistance for the jaw muscles.




The journey to a sharper jawline is multifaceted, with chewing gum offering an effective avenue by strengthening jaw muscles through resistance training. 


Each gum variety offers unique advantages, from the natural benefits of Mastic gum to the targeted resistance of Jawliner, Falim, and Jawz gums.


However, for a holistic approach that extends into the night, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape is the perfect solution, by ensuring proper jaw alignment to enhance facial aesthetics while you sleep.





Try Dream Recovery Mouth Tape now for a synergistic approach to achieving a more defined jawline.




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