Hostage Tape Review - Does it Actually Help Stop Snoring & Are There Better Alternatives?


You've likely heard about some of the awesome benefits of mouth taping for snoring, sleep quality, mental health, performance, and more…but now, perhaps you’re wondering if splurging on one of the popular brands, like Hostage Tape, is worth the hype?

To answer this question, we’ll be navigating you through the pros, cons, and user experiences of Hostage Tape to equip you with all the insight needed to determine if this mouth tape is truly the ideal choice.


Hostage Tape - The Quick Verdict


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So, quick summary! Let’s take a quick overall look into the top pros and cons of Hostage Tape:




  • Promotes nasal breathing
  • Strong adhesive to stay on all night
  • Breathable fabric 




  • Some users report redness and tape residue after use
  • Not crafted from eco-friendly and natural materials
  • It only comes in a black color

Overall, Hostage Tape is a strong and sturdy mouth tape made from a breathable fabric that is guaranteed to remain in place throughout the night - helping to ensure you receive the maximum benefits of nasal breathing while you sleep.

However, unlike Hostage Tape, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape is made from natural organic bamboo silk, which not only provides luxurious comfort but is also eco-friendly for those conscious of their environmental footprint. 


Dream Recovery Mouth Tape also comes in multiple color options to match your unique self and is made using a hypoallergenic adhesive that stays on all night but leaves zero traces in the mornings.


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What is Hostage Tape?


Hostage Tape is a growing sleep wellness brand that offers a signature jet-black mouth tape, among other products like nasal tape and sleep masks.


Hostage Tape was born when founder Alex Neist discovered mouth taping as a personal solution to his own snoring.

The aim of Hostage Tape is to improve nasal breathing, reduce snoring, and support overall health and sleep quality.


Hostage Tape claims its mouth tape has a strong, durable adhesive that’s guaranteed to stay on all night long and can even stick comfortably to facial hair, with a material that is porous enough to allow for some airflow.


Benefits of Taping Your Mouth Shut While You Sleep


1. Improved sleep quality

Mouth taping can be a superhero for your sleep quality, thanks to a variety of benefits.


Firstly, switching over to nasal breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, stimulating your vagus nerve and allowing your body to enter into a state of relaxation and recovery.


This means a slower heart rate, calmer breathing, and even lowered stress hormone levels like cortisol. All of which makes it easier to fall into a deep, restorative slumber. (1)

By encouraging nasal breathing, mouth tape helps maintain a proper balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the bloodstream.


This balance is crucial for the optimal functioning of your body during sleep, supporting your natural sleep cycle and reducing disruptions that may take us out of critical phases like REM. (2)


2. Reduced snoring 


Clinical research shows that using mouth tape directly benefits snorers by addressing one of the primary contributors to snoring: mouth breathing!


By encouraging breathing through the nasal passages instead of the mouth, this promotes smoother airflow and reduces the vibration of soft tissues in the throat, diminishing the snoring sound. Yes, please! (3)

Nasal breathing also helps maintain optimal humidity and temperature within the airways, further easing breathing difficulties that could contribute to snoring. (4)

All of this means that the regular use of mouth tape can lead to quieter nights and more restful sleep for snorers and their partners. 



3. Improved oral health


You may be surprised to hear that mouth taping can also play a pivotal role in oral health, too. This is due to the fact that nasal breathing keeps the mouth moist and encourages healthy saliva production.


In contrast, mouth breathing can dry out the oral cavity, leading to imbalances in the delicate balance of the oral microbiome. (5)

By promoting saliva production, mouth taping may help to neutralize harmful acids, wash away food particles, and reduce the risk of tooth decay and even gum disease. (6)

Hostage Tape: The Good Stuff


It promotes healthier nasal breathing

Hostage Tape does what it promises and effectively keeps the mouth shut when applied. This means a switch over from mouth breathing to nasal breathing.

The benefits of nasal breathing offer impressive health advantages backed by scientific evidence.


Research shows us that nasal breathing increases nitric oxide production, an essential molecule that supports oxygen delivery and promotes cardiovascular health.


One study also found that nasal breathing lowered diastolic blood pressure compared to mouth breathing. (7) (8)

This process improves not only physical performance but also sleep quality by encouraging restorative sleep patterns and potentially reducing snoring and sleep apnea symptoms. (9) (3)

Furthermore, nasal breathing aids relaxation by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, leading to decreased anxiety and stress levels. (1)


You can also check out our guide on why you're struggling to breathe through your nose


It’s strong adhesive means it stays on all night


The strength and adhesion of Hostage Tape ensure that the benefits of nasal breathing will not be interrupted or result in the need for any mid-night readjustments.


Choosing a mouth tape with a strong adhesive is crucial to ensure it stays in place throughout the night.


A secure adhesive will prevent the tape from loosening or falling off, which can happen due to moisture from breathing and saliva or movement during sleep.


It’s made from a breathable fabric


Hostage Tape is made from a breathable fabric that helps to ensure comfort and safety throughout the night.


Hostage Tape claims that the breathability of their material allows for some air exchange and prevents moisture buildup, which could reduce the risk of discomfort around the mouth area.


A breathable tape allows for minor jaw and lip movements, ensuring it doesn't entirely block airflow when necessary.


This breathable feature of Hostage Tape is crucial during instances of nasal congestion or emergencies, where mouth breathing might become essential. 


The Not-So-Good Stuff


Possible redness and tape residue after use

While Hostage Tape’s strong adhesive offers the benefit of keeping your mouth tape secure all night, this super stickiness may also have a downside.


Some Hostage Tape users claim that after a night of mouth taping, they experienced redness and irritation, as well as a sticky residue left around the mouth area.


This indicates that some individuals may be sensitive to the adhesives found in Hostage Tape. 


Not to mention, the leftover residue can also be an annoying inconvenience as it can take extra time in the mornings to remove (which isn’t ideal when you’ve got a busy start to the day). 


It only comes in a highly visible black color

It’s all in the name. Hostage Tape definitely doesn’t shy away from the fact that their product resembles something a kidnapper might just use to keep you quiet.


For some, it might be a little unsettling and somewhat jarring to catch a glimpse of yourself or your partner in this state!


Having the option to choose a color that resonates with you can make it easier to add a new mouth taping practice into your routine. So, Hostage Tape’s lack of variety may dissuade some individuals from adopting this potentially beneficial sleep aid despite its advantages.


It’s not crafted from eco-friendly, sustainable materials

Unlike some other mouth tapes on the market, Hostage Tape is not crafted from exclusively sustainable and eco-friendly materials. This could be a deal-breaker if you’re eco-conscious and prefer to shop with the environment in mind. 


Natural, eco-friendly materials also tend to be safer for sensitive skin. So, if you’re looking for a mouth tape that’s friendlier to Mother Nature (and yourself), Hostage Tape might not be the best option.


On the other hand, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape is crafted from sustainable organic bamboo silk to give you peace of mind. Try it today by clicking below:



Alternative To Hostage Tape


In our opinion, a superior alternative to Hostage Tape is Dream Recovery Dream Tape, which brings all the pros of Hostage Tape without the cons. 

Dream Recovery Mouth Tape is made from organic bamboo silk and a sturdy but gentle hypoallergenic adhesive, offering the most luxuriously soft mouth taping experience that stays on all night while being suitable for even the most sensitive of skin.


Organic bamboo silk is not only incredibly comfortable, but it is also breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, and kind to the environment. 

But that’s not all. Dream Recovery Mouth Tape comes in 4 beautiful color: cloud, hot pink, sky, and fog, to help you personalize your unique mouth taping journey.


Experience the incredible benefits of Dream Recovery Mouth Tape.


The Final Word


When it comes to mouth tape, Hostage Tape comes with both its pros and cons. On the upside, thanks to its strong adhesive, Hostage Tape promises to stay on throughout the night, effectively promoting nasal breathing, which can reduce snoring and support sleep quality.


However, Hostage Tape is not without downsides. Some users report skin irritation and residue after use, which is not only inconvenient but could indicate sensitivity to the adhesive.


There are also more eco-friendly alternatives on the market for those looking for a sustainable mouth tape made from natural materials that are kinder to the earth and your skin.


Dream Recovery Mouth Tape is your best solution here. Made from organic bamboo silk and with a selection of amazing colors, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape is the most effective, comfortable, and environmentally conscious choice to support healthy nasal breathing.


Transform your health today with Dream Recovery Mouth Tape


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